Appraisal & Dispute Resolution

DBI staff are qualified to act as appraisers to resolve property damage valuation disputes. We have a reputation for objectivity and are hired to act as umpires in a variety of construction-related matters.

Builder's Risk Claim Analysis

When analyzing builder’s risk claims, DBI draws on our Projects division’s extensive construction management experience. Our familiarity with construction documents allows us to reach timely agreements with owners/developers for the loss-related costs unique to active construction projects. When scope and cost need to be developed without slowing a project, our consultants provide clerk-of-the-works and cost monitoring services to ensure that loss-related expenses are captured accurately. We also leverage our construction scheduling experience to analyze any claimed project delays and related dollar impacts.

Construction Defect Claim Analysis

DBI investigates construction defect claims and advises clients on a defect’s cause, solution, and estimated repair costs. We routinely work with architects and engineers to distinguish between design and installation deficiencies. Our recommendations are fair, accurate, and respected by all parties involved.

Cost Estimation

DBI’s project managers and estimators have an unparalleled reputation for accuracy. We deliver cost estimates in a variety of formats, including CSI MasterFormat, Xactimate, and detailed time and materials methods. Our estimates are presented in comprehensive reports that include assignment descriptions, concise cost summaries, diagrams, and field photo reports.

Our estimating reports for insurance clients include rough order of magnitude (ROM) estimates that allow adjusters to post accurate and timely reserves, replacement cost estimates in scenarios involving total losses, repair vs. replacement comparisons, peril segregation estimates when multiple causes of loss are involved, and ACV Estimates that apply depreciation in a logical and detailed manner.

When estimated or incurred costs have been presented, DBI is skilled in scheduling and preparing systematic cost analyses. We make clear and concise recommendations that capture the costs necessary to restore a structure to its pre-loss condition.

Damage Evaluation

DBI has completed thousands of damage evaluations for a wide variety of structures. Our rigorous assessment standards – which include the use of field-verified quantity take-offs, precise physical measurements, moisture and damage mapping, and state-of-the-art imaging tools – produce accurate, justifiable scopes of repair. We document and present our findings in a clear, organized manner as either damage evaluations reports, scope only estimates, or as part of our itemized repair estimates.

The DBI team has extensive experience assessing specialized damage to all types of buildings, marine structures, infrastructure, and industrial plants. If an engineering judgment becomes necessary, DBI has established partnerships with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineers and vertical transportation experts to ensure a one-stop solution for all damage evaluation needs.

Elevator Consulting

Our elevator team provides forensic consulting of post event damage evaluations, repair scope determination, repair cost estimating, direct negotiation with vertical transportation vendors and suppliers, maintenance records analysis, and code compliance assessments.

We have experience with evaluating hydraulic elevators, traction elevators, machine room less elevators (MRL), pneumatic vacuum Elevators (PVE), winding drum and counterweight elevators, climbing elevators, escalators, and stair/chair lifts.

Emergency Services Cost Management

DBI works with emergency services vendors throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean to stabilize buildings following damage from fires, explosions, water discharges, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. Our team works closely with vendors to ensure that labor and equipment provided are value added for the client. Depending on the unique scenario and time of engagement, our cost management techniques can include price negotiation at project inception, competitive bidding, scope determination, moisture mapping, clerking the project, and/or the review of completed work invoices.

Landscaping Consulting

Our team provides landscape damage assessments, scope evaluations and cost estimating as well as replacement cost estimating (appraised values) of plant material including large specimen trees, ground cover, topsoil, irrigation systems, landscape lighting, decorative (non-structural) retaining walls and planters, and soil stabilization material including, but not limited to, shoreline restoration infrastructure. Our team evaluates drainage structures such as rain gardens, drywells and biofiltration systems.

Our experience spans all landscaping application types including residential complexes, hotels, plantations, nurseries, golf courses, green roofs, as well as vertical landscaping.

Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

The DBI team regularly provides expert testimony—via depositions and as trial witnesses—in complex court cases involving scope of repair and damage valuation disputes. We establish facts through a careful analysis of construction project documents and present our findings in a concise, court-ready format. Our reports have helped resolve cases throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.

MEP Consulting

DBI provides Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire suppression, and Energy damage assessment. This include analysis of cause, solution, and estimated repair costs. Our expertise includes power distribution, emergency power systems, on-site power generation systems, CHP plants, boiler plants, chiller plants, and geothermal systems. In addition, DBI can provide analysis of the National Electric Code and NFPA Codes as well as codes related to mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection systems. We have extensive experience with industrial, commercial, retail, educational, healthcare, marinas, mixed-use, multi-family residential, performing arts, recreational, resorts, and institutional facilities.

Project Clerking & Monitoring

DBI provides clerk of the works (CoW) and project monitoring services for fast-moving projects whose scope and cost are being determined in real time. This alternative to traditional cost estimating is an effective tool when delays for damage evaluation are cost-prohibitive. We use proprietary techniques to capture all loss-related labor, materials, and equipment costs on a daily basis. When loss-related repairs are happening alongside non-loss-related repairs, our consultants are adept at segregating costs by project.

Scheduling & Delay Analysis

The DBI team creates and analyzes construction project schedules in multiple formats, including Primavera and MS Project. We employ CPM (critical path method) techniques to accurately predict duration and completion dates. We routinely prepare schedules to determine the period of restoration (POR) for project management, supervision, and other duration-based costs and to help forensic accountants determine business interruption losses. When a loss occurs to a building under construction, we compile detailed schedules and analyses to quantify any delays that would impact the project completion date. We deliver all schedule findings in a simple, easy-to-follow format.